Reorganise your home for a fresh start in 2024

Ready to start 2024 off on the right foot? A smooth-running household will free up time and mental space to pursue your New Year’s resolutions, so why not tackle your home first with these top tips?

  • Attend to outstanding maintenance jobs put off over the festive season, prioritising based on importance. 
  • Clear kitchen cupboards – ditch outdated food, use up half-eaten bags of pasta, and donate anything you won’t eat to your local food bank. Reorganise what’s left with a cupboard storage system.
  • Buy storage boxes for keeping similar items (such as toys, clothing, toiletries and accessories) together for easy access.
  • Keep shoes out of sight – place a shoe rack, crate or storage bench by external doors to avoid footwear and hats, gloves, and scarves taking over your entrances. Designate a spot for muddy boots.
  • Keep post together by picking up a cheap letter rack so you can deal with letters and bills at a specific time.
  • Sort your recycling – consider installing a concealed unit for your kitchen or outside to avoid wasting space.

    Prevent clothing clutter by adding a clothes ladder and a door-hanging laundry bag in each bedroom.

A well-organised, clutter-free home is also a great way to impress buyers. So, if you’re hoping to sell by spring, your efforts could really pay off.

reorganise your home for a fresh start
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