Presenting Your Home


The front and exterior of your home is the first thing interested parties will see, so it’s traditionally used as the leading shot and designed to grab attention. Start with a full clean of your front door and any surrounding areas. If your property has a forecourt or a driveway, a quick jet wash and removal of leaves and other seasonal debris is well worth it, touching up any chipped or cracked paint on walls or railings whilst you’re at it. Make your buyers fall in love at first sight!


With first impressions typically made within the first three seconds, your entrance hall is arguably THE most important part of the viewing experience. So, opening the door to clutter and being smacked with the smell of soggy dog is a huge no-no! There are a number of little things you can do, which – when all put together – will make a world of difference in making the property feel warm and inviting.

    • Remove any excess coats, bags and shoes, leaving perhaps one well selected garment on show.
    • Mirrors are always a fantastic addition to ensure the flow of natural light. In general, you want as much light as possible, so leave doors to rooms open and open blinds and curtains. This will make the space seem bigger too.
    • If you have the space for a bunch of flowers, it’s always worth it. If flowers aren’t an option, go for a scented diffuser or plug-in. Gentle fragrances like cool cotton or fresh linen are always a safe choice.
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A useful process which contributes to helping you get organised for your own move. It is especially important to remove as much as possible if you have ‘outgrown’ your house as buyers will get a sense of the property feeling cramped.

A three-tiered approach is most useful:

    1. Things that are of no use and that you do not wish to keep could be given away or disposed of;
    2. Things that you want to keep but don’t use on a regular basis can be stored away in a loft or storage unit;
    3. All other items should be neatly stored in your home or displayed to their best advantage;


Most people are attracted to a sense of ‘space’ and a property that feels spacious will attract more positive interest:

    • Consider re-arranging furniture in order to maximise the sense of space;
    • Take as many things off the floor as possible, the more floor space that can be seen the larger the area will feel;
    • Keep styling simple and ‘bits and bobs’ to a minimum;
    • Use mirrors to enhance small areas or spaces which lack good natural light;
Presenting Your Home
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We all know how to clean our homes, but a daily clean isn’t the same as getting your property ready to list for sale. When people are looking for a place to call home, they’re imagining a fresh start, so make things seem like-new where possible, with sparkling surfaces, gleaming windows and minimal distracting clutter on show.

Key Areas:

    • Kitchen – all cupboards, surfaces and appliances should be clean and the contents of cupboards should be tidy. Buyers will look inside to see how good the storage is. Ensure surfaces are as free of clutter as possible and avoid leaving dishes in the sink or on the draining board.
    • Bathrooms – need to be spotless and tidy. Even bathrooms in need of updating can be transformed by a really thorough clean.
    • Storage Cupboards – clearing out and cleaning will increase the sense of space and re-enforce the impression of a home that is well cared for.


Working from home is a major part of our lives now. If you’re utilising one of the bedrooms as a home office, that’s perfect! Just have a tidy up and, if possible, show off the multifunctional space with a sofa-bed or even a bed made up. They might not need a home office themselves, but the main focus is to show that every inch of the room offers usable space.


If you have animals make sure their presence is un-obtrusive, not all buyers are animal lovers. Feeding bowls, litter trays, pet beds etc should be cleared away before viewings.

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