Are you thinking about downsizing?

There are many benefits and reasons for downsizing your property, it can be overwhelming when it comes to moving all of your belongings… 

1. Start decluttering your exisiting home as soon as you know you are downsizing, this will give you a longer timeline to sort all of your items. 
2. Get organised – a spreadsheet can help you decide on what you need to orgnise. 
3. Declutter the easy stuff – remove all the items from your home that you can easily declutter that no one wants and its been on your ‘to do’ list for a while or any of those broken items that are in the garage – if you clear these out first, you will be able to see from there what is left.
4. Downsize sustainably – start with ways to sell items, then work on recycling or repurposing. 
5. Measure your new home and work out how much floor space you will have. 

When downsizing you will need to think how you can maximise the space that you have, here are a few ideas, 
1. Try wall mounted storage or floating shelves are great as they will give you more floor space. 
2. Increase the storage in the kitchen -hooks can be helpful in this area along with making the most of the worktops. 
3. Look at furniture that can be multifunctional 
4. Sliding doors in small bathrooms can help create more space. 

We hope this helps give you some ideas on how to start downsizing your property. 

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