Rental energy certificate

Six out of 10 recently inspected UK rental homes failed to meet a proposed new standard for energy efficiency, a BBC investigation has found.

The government are considering a proposal that would require landlords to make their properties more energy efficient over the next few years.

By law, all homes that are sold or rented must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which measures, among other things, how well a property is insulated and heated.Homes are given a grade between A and G. The closer to A, the more efficient the home, meaning it should have lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

“The BBC Shared Data Unit found:

  • Out of 1.9 million inspections of rental homes over the past five years, more than one million fell below grade C
  • Structural limitations means one in twenty properties will never be able to reach a grade C even if improvements are made
  • On average, tenants could save a third on their current heating costs if their landlords made all the recommended improvements”

What’s the current law?

In England and Wales, all private rental properties must be rated E or above. Your current rating can be checked on the Governments Website. Click Here

In 2020 the Government wanted to make the private rented sector more energy efficient. Under its preferred option, landlords would be required to ensure all new rental properties were at least grade C from 2025. They would only be required to make improvements up to the cost of £10,000.

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