Refresh your home in January

A new year can bring the need for a change, just a simple refresh at home can make you fall in love with your home again, why not try these top 5 tips for a January clean-up! 

1. Paint – why not refresh some areas of the home with some fresh paint, perhaps a touch up of some of the areas that are in need or change a colour to uplift that room that you spend so much time in!

2. Smell – Smells can really relax the body, invest in a diffuser or an aromatherapy candle.. Choose and research online about what different scents do, perhaps one to energise your mood or one to help you relax. 

3. Kitchen – The area of the house where everyone comes together, or where you spend lots of time socialising / cooking… Why not give this room an uplift, invest in the utensils that need replacing and you keep meaning to get round to ordering, sharpen your knives and declutter any junk draws!

4. Plants – Plants can bring so many benefits to the home, throughout the winter months we do not spend much time outdoors so why not invest in a few new plants for around your home, bringing the outside in!

5.Cosy touches – Why not try adding a few cosy touches to your home, this could be a new rug, pillow or perhaps a new throw for the living room or your bed.

We hope you like our top tips this January!

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