How to choose the perfect Christmas tree?

Before heading off to purchase your Christmas tree, make sure that you measure the space at home and take the tape measure with you too.

Experts advise that you should avoid getting a tree that is already wrapped; the tree may have bent branches as well as not being able to see the true size.

To make sure you are getting a British-grown tree that meets strict freshness standards, look for a Grown in Britain logo, a non-profit organisation that champions home-grown forest products and plants.

There are four main types of real Christmas trees that are commonly brought into the home during the festive season. They are:

·       Nordmann Fir – a well-balanced ‘A’ shape and strong branches covered with glossy needles.

·       Blue Spruce – mixes a good width with a beautiful blue and silver tint, caused by the resin it produces to protect its needles.

·       Norway Spruce – a bushy, classically-shaped tree, packed with short green needles and a lovely pine scent.

·       Fraser Fir – a tall, slim shape and green ‘needle-last’ needles that don’t drop easily, ideal for smaller spaces.

Despite its name, the Norway Spruce is grown throughout Britain and is often considered to be the most traditional Christmas tree. The U.K.’s most popular tree however is the Nordmann Fir because it loses very few needles, meaning your tree will remain green and full, with the right care.

We hope these few tips will help you pick out the perfect Christmas tree for your home this year!

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