Energy efficiency is now top of home buyers wish lists

Due to the rising household bills, this has pushed the running cost of homes up and there has been a change in propriety when home buyers are looking to make their purchases… It used to be a choice between a new-build home and a period property, however it is now not as straight forward…

Prospective home buyers are beginning to think about more than just the price of their next property,’ says Frances McDonald, research analyst at Savills. ‘Six in ten buyers would be willing to pay more for a home if 75 per cent of its energy came from renewable sources.’

Modern new homes are, without doubt, cheaper to run than their leaky, creaky, charming Victorian and Edwardian counterparts –although they are often also more expensive to buy.

The Metro has reported that Estate agents in the UK say buyers are increasingly interested in the energy efficiency of homes. According to a recent study by NatWest four in ten buyers now believe that the energy efficiency of a prospective home is a very important factor, up from less than a third a year ago.

What do you think, would energy costs play a role in your choice on your next property, or are you making changes in your home to make it more eco-friendly?

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