Are you new to gardening?

Are you new to the Gardening world? Perhaps you have just bought a home with a garden that needs maintaining? Or are you looking for a gift for someone who has just got into Gardening? Here are our top gardening tools to help make your life easier when getting stuck into the gardening…

1. Hand Trowel: A hand trowel is a small tool that is used for digging small holes, transplanting seedlings, and removing weeds.

2. Pruning Shears: Pruning shears are used for trimming and shaping plants. They come in various sizes and types, including bypass and anvil.

3. Garden Fork: A garden fork is a tool that is used for digging, loosening soil, and turning compost.

4. Garden Rake: A garden rake is used for raking leaves, grass, and other debris from the garden. It can also be used for smoothing soil and preparing the garden bed.

5. Hose and Sprayer: A hose and sprayer are essential for watering plants. They come in various lengths and types, including spray nozzles, wand sprayers, and soaker hoses.

6. Garden Gloves: Garden gloves protect your hands from thorns, prickly plants, and other hazards in the garden.

7. Knee Pads: Knee pads protect your knees from getting sore while kneeling on hard surfaces.

8. Wheelbarrow: A wheelbarrow is used for carrying heavy loads of soil, compost, and other materials around the garden.

9. Shovel: A shovel is used for digging large holes and moving soil and other materials around the garden.

10. Garden Pruner: A garden pruner is used for cutting back small branches, stems, and dead foliage.

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