Stay safe this winter

Since the beginning of the cost-of-living crisis, insurers have reported a significant
rise in claims related to open fires going awry. According to insurance company
Liverpool Victoria, these claims averaged around £10,000 during 2020-21.

And with fuel prices having risen sharply post-pandemic, more and more householders are relying on wood burners and fireplaces rather than central heating.
While this may reduce your heating bills, it could leave you out of pocket or homeless if a fire gets out of control.

Of course, many of us enjoy the ambience created by a roaring fire regardless of
financial considerations. Whatever your reasons, implementing basic safety protocols, such as scheduling regular chimney sweeps, only using well-seasoned wood, never leaving a fire or embers unattended, using a fireguard, and checking smoke alarms reduce the risks.

It’s also a good idea to keep fire blankets and extinguishers on hand and plan an escape route in case the worst should happen. If you live in a thatched property, you may even need specialist insurance.

Stay safe this winter
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