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From our panel of local solicitors

Conveyancing can be one of the most time-consuming and complex parts of the house sale or purchasing process. At Oulsnam we have close links with local solicitors and conveyancers in the West Midlands to carry out all conveyancing during sales that we manage. We make sure that all who take advantage of our conveyancing service receive regular updates on the process of the transferring of title deeds on properties, and any delays that crop up and how long they will take to resolve.

You often hear people talking of the stress of moving home. With so much to organise it is hardly surprising.

At Oulsnam Conveyancing we bring together professionals who are committed to combining a first class service with competent and sensible advice.

Oulsnam Conveyancing has developed a close working relationship with a number of highly respected firms of solicitors and conveyancers.

Some of the many benefits of using Oulsnam Conveyancing include:

  • Direct dial to your solicitor and their team
  • Correspondence by post or by email
  • Regular updates on the position in the sale or purchase
  • On line searches with guaranteed minimum response times
  • Competitive quotes

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There are many delays that can occur when selling your home, not least when your solicitor needs to obtain the Title Deeds from banks or building societies before they can send out a draft contract. This can often take 2 or 3 weeks. Why not instruct Oulsnam Conveyancing as soon as you put your house on the market and be ready for your new dream home when it comes.

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