Make your own Hanging Basket

Welcoming guests to your home with a hanging basket is a great idea during the spring and summer months… 

Here are some steps to make a hanging basket:

1. Choose a basket: Select a basket that is the right size and shape for your needs. Make sure it has drainage holes and a sturdy handle.

2. Choose your plants: Select plants that will thrive in the conditions where you plan to hang your basket. Consider the amount of sunlight, water, and wind the basket will receive.

3. Fill the basket: Line the basket with a layer of sphagnum moss or a liner designed for hanging baskets. This will help hold moisture and prevent soil from falling out. Then fill the basket with potting soil.

4. Plant your plants: Start by planting the largest plants in the center of the basket, then work your way outward with smaller plants. Add trailing plants around the edges to create a cascading effect.

5. Water your basket: Water your basket thoroughly after planting, until water begins to drain out of the bottom. Check the soil regularly and water as needed.

6. Hang your basket: Hang your basket in a spot that gets the right amount of sun and shade for your plants. Make sure the basket is securely attached to the hook or hanger.

7. Care for your basket: Regularly deadhead spent flowers and remove any dead or damaged leaves. Fertilize your basket every few weeks to keep your plants healthy and vibrant.

We hope these few tips help and inspire you to give it ago this year! 

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