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We’re Going Paperless!

We’re Going Paperless!

At Robert Oulsnam & Company, we always aim to be one step ahead, engaging with developments in technology and innovation as best we can.  Currently we are moving towards a paperless office which is quite a big challenge for an estate agency. 

Here are just a few of the ways that we are moving towards a paperless environment. 

We are currently going through a huge scanning exercise.  We have hired staff to assist us in the mammoth task of scanning in all our documentation and we’re glad to say we’ve almost completed this job now.  Going forward, the plan is for our individual offices to scan in any paper documentation as and when it comes into the office.  This way, we’re tackling the problem at source and it should greatly reduce the amount of paper we see in the offices. 

We have furnished all our Inventory Clerks and Viewing Representatives with tablets to enable them to swiftly upload all inspection and inventory reports with photos and comparable property details. These can then be reviewed in the office or by the customer digitally meaning that we have not only saved on paper, but can act with quick turnaround times. 

We have developed an online application form.  This means that once offers are accepted, applicants can submit their details straight to us and we can commence referencing immediately.  We also send tenancy agreements and related documents out via Docusign which has enabled us to improve on security for our tenants and landlords.  It also means applicants who are not in the area or available to come in on move-day have the convenience of signing online. 

We are also trying to work in the cloud as much as possible.  A lot of our work now uses cloudless storage which is great as it not only provides us with additional security, but also enables us to access the data quickly regardless of which office we are in. 

We use a digital filing system meaning that all information can be accessed straight away.  All incoming paperwork is scanned and uploaded to our system.  We also add any email communication, forms and other documents meaning that anyone in our offices can access all they need at the touch of a button. 

Many of our property reports can be accessed via iPads.  This is a much welcome resource for our property experts who are often mobile and need quick access to documentation.  Information can also be input directly into our mobile devices when we are appraising properties. 

Every little helps, and we’re doing our best to move towards becoming a greener company.

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