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The Wolf Run- Any Last Minute Reservations?

The Wolf Run- Any Last Minute Reservations?

Just a few! We have all (well most of us-mentioning no names!) been busy training over the last few months doing running, swimming, pilates, OPT (outdoor physical training), squash and even table tennis!

Stacy and Marie have been religiously doing OPT which involves going face down in mud quite a lot in all weathers on a Sunday morning. Laura has taught herself how to swim properly so she can make it across the dreaded ice cold lake without drowning! She could barely swim 2 lengths of a swimming pool prior to training and can now swim 60 lengths in one go. Kerry has been making herself run (Which she really hates) and hasn’t done anything like this in the last 6 years. So all in all we are quite proud of our fitness efforts and we hope we can all make it around in one piece.

All of this said- we haven’t had the best week leading up to the event- Marie has twisted her calf pushing an unruly shopping trolley! Laura has over-done it playing squash and has injured her shoulder and Kerry is recovering from a cold.

We have just 4 days until we put ourselves through the torture of this hardcore 10k run across natural terrain, woodland, lakes and thick mud. We will be running, climbing, jumping, wading, crawling and swimming a lake which is designed to test us on every level.

We are doing all of this craziness as part of our aim to raise money for The Alzheimers Society this year. You can sponsor us by using the following link:

Please watch this space for photos of us completing the challenge- no doubt they will be amusing!

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