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The shocking importance of WiFi within homes

The shocking importance of WiFi within homes

Even though 43% of us UK residents say we want to move to bigger properties for more space, 15% of the average British home is unused. 

As the popularity of Internet and WiFi has dramatically grown throughout the years, research by TalkTalk suggests that "connectivity is a key factor for home owners, with 63% saying that they would use their unloved spaces more if they had stronger WiFi connection and a whopping 96% agreed that a good connection in their homes is important to them."

Respondents have said that they are prepared to pay premium for WiFi, as much as £12,000 extra, thus equivalent to 5% of their homes purchase price. It is also claimed that WiFi is more of a necessity than things to take into consideration when it comes to choosing a new home, as it is claimed WiFi overrides proximity to restaurants/pubs (11%), an en-suite (26%), nearby good schools (22%) and parks/open spaces (25%)

As of this research, TalkTalk commissioned to launch a new market enhancing WiFi to reach more areas of home than before.

It has been found that in regards to the most common wasted space, these spaces are attics (31%) along with spare bedrooms (30%) and garden sheds (7%). However 37% of people claim these spaces were used as storage and 10% simply forgetting about them.

If these spaces were turned into a form of use, the most popular upgraded options are relaxation dens (13%), home cinemas for men (20%) and gyms for women (15%). However the younger generation of 18-24 year olds, a quarter of them (25%) would want a gaming area with a big screen. 

Phil Amy, Head of Product at TalkTalk says: "Packed with the latest technology, our new WiFi hub and market-leading Fibre Broadband is helping UK homeowners open up more corners of their home than ever with stronger connectivity, we can make better use of neglected spaces in our homes; from home cinemas in the attic, to garden shed gaming dens and garage gyms, the possibilities are endless."

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