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We are very proud to say we all made it around the summer Wolf Run. The course was 10k in total and threw in a few surprises!

We were eased in gently by going through a waist height freezing cold lake and then on to navigating our way through lots of fallen trees. It went on to the funniest section of the course- chest high thick sticky mud (called the mud sucker) which 2 of our team got completely stuck in. Tom’s trainer was sucked off which somebody behind him luckily managed to retrieve. After a short stop ‘re-booting’ we carried on to a series of further obstacles and lake swims. One lake swim involved swimming under 2 lengths of floating barrels- we all found this slightly alarming and not very pleasant given the water being a dark brown mud colour.

The rest of the course offered us the following challenges: 12 foot high solid log walls (some with ropes to get up, others without), neck high with muddy water trenches and lakes to cross, cargo nets, monkey bars, crawl through spaces filled with thick muck mud and water, a water slide and many more challenging obstacles.


The nicest thing about the whole event was the sense of team spirit. Everybody was willing to help each other over some of the trickier obstacles and complete strangers would stop to check you were ok. We are all immensely proud of one another for completing such a tough event and even prouder that we have managed to raise nearly £300 for the MPS Society and Macmillan in doing so.


Our next charity event is The 24 Peak challenge in the Lake District which Laura Fiddes-Baron and Stephen Hill are completing at the end of June. To sponsor them please use the following the link:

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