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Most landlords know that this is the time of the year they are most likely to get that call to say the boiler has broken down. As we get deeper into winter then the risk of pipes bursting increases and tenants need to do more to keep their homes well heated.


There are several things landlords can do to both protect their property and help make their tenants more comfortable and more likely to stay longer term:


-          Frozen pipes- Can cause a huge amount of damage resulting in tenants potentially having to move out to get leaks and resulting damage repaired. Pipes burst because they can freeze in colder weather which causes water expansion leading to cracks in the pipe. We always advice tenants to keep their heating on throughout the winter months and if they are on holiday during this period then ideally they should drain down the system. This is one way of safeguarding. An even better way of preventing frozen pipes is to install insulation on pipes as this is fairly inexpensive and is easy to install.

-          Boiler and heating maintenance- Make sure that boilers are serviced regularly to try and increase their lifespan and hopefully issues should be noticed and rectified preventing an emergency call out.  Check radiators are warm all over- if they aren’t then they may need bleeding. In doing this they will work better and will save money on energy bills for your tenants.

-          Window insulation- A common complaint from tenants is that their house is cold. This is often caused by draughts which can come through small gaps in door and window frames. These draughts can be prevented by installing inexpensive draught strips on window frames which can be sourced from most DIY stores.

-          Guttering- The autumn leaf fall can cause a build-up of leaves and debris in gutters and drainpipes. This can lead to a build-up of water which can then spill out onto the roof and down the walls of the properties and then find a way in. To reduce the risk of water damage make sure gutters are kept clear. Ideally they should be cleared in October/November and then again in the spring.


If you require assistance with any winter maintenance tasks then please contact us and we can arrange a no obligation quote. Please phone 0121 445 7410 or email

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