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Confused about the Immigration Act?

Confused about the Immigration Act?

We have been conducting ID and right to rent checks for the last 15 months but from 1st February 2016 every Landlord and Agent in the UK will have to conduct ID checks on all their adult prospective occupiers.

The reason these checks have been introduced is to reduce the amount of residence of illegal immigrants in the UK and also to try and stop rogue landlords letting their sub-standard properties to tenants who have little choice where they live.

Landlords need to make sure that the following has been completed to comply with the regulations:

-          Find out if the property will be the tenants main and only home (The rules do not apply to holiday lets or second homes)

-          The prospective occupiers must supply a copy of a valid passport, birth certificate or national identity card to show that they are able to live in the UK. If none of these are available then please refer to the following link to see what other documents can be accepted:

-          Landlords need to check these documents are valid while the tenant is with them making sure the name, photo and expiry dates are satisfactory. They will also need to make copies of the documents and keep them for 12 months after the end of the tenancy. *If you are a landlord of ours then we will do this for you*

-          If there is a time limit on the right to residency then follow up checks will have to be carried out.

-          If a tenant cannot produce the necessary documents to prove they have the right to rent then landlords and agents can request a check from the Home Office. They will give a yes or no answer within a few days.

Failure to comply with the Immigration act can lead to a hefty £3000 fine if it is proved that a landlord let their property to a tenant who did not have the right to rent in the UK.

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