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A Day in the Life of a Letting Agent – in the Eyes of a Landlord

A Day in the Life of a Letting Agent – in the Eyes of a Landlord

At Robert Oulsnam and Company Lettings, we deal with people every single day.  Our customers are the landlords wishing to let their properties to credible tenants and we always do our utmost to ensure that we provide the best service possible.  Today, we received a letter from a recent landlord, Mr BC.

It speaks for itself.

“Have you ever wondered what happens when an agent visits a new client? Maybe you’ve asked how it went or did the agent close the sale? Or perhaps you wondered how the new client assessed your company as a result of that first meeting with your representative. Here I give a brief view of my experience when I had the pleasure to meet Mr Thomas Miller who called to view my buy-to-let property.

A knock came on the door, it was bang on 9. On the doorstep, was a timely and smartly dressed Mr Thomas Miller.  My first thoughts were another ‘wannabe property millionaire’ … overdressed and under-deliver type who knows everything about everything (sorry Tom).

I was greatly mistaken because as soon as Tom, as he likes to be called, stepped in I felt comfortable in dealing with him. Tom introduced himself, and we chatted in generalities before proceeding.

I found Tom to be confident and focused as he passed from room to room, making positive comments about the home. In fact, I felt like Tom was selling the home to me which gave me extra confidence and put me at ease knowing that I had a nice property!

Tom then went through the details of the process and covered all information, questions and concerns relating to the letting of a property. Tom’s presentation was superb and of the highest standard. There was a lot of information to cover, but Tom breezed through it in a concise and friendly manner. As I watched and listened to Tom I could see how confident and comfortable he was with his presentation.

At the end of the presentation, I had some questions and concerns and Tom adopted a flexible approach to handling them. Looking back, I realise that a lot of the presentation was about what his company and he could do for me. “We can do this … I can do that. We use a wide-angle lens camera because … we will check photos for quality and if necessary sharpen up with Photoshop.  Tom’s desire of wanting to help was evident right throughout the presentation, and this for the most part was the reason I decided to use the services of Robert Oulsnam and Company.

As Tom was about to leave I commented that if Oulsnam had written the script then he must have learned it and unlearnt it in order to have such consistency of flow. No said Tom, they don’t actually teach script. Tom learnt presentation by himself, as he himself said, he has done it so often. But there is more than that, I can see an inbuilt passion there driven by someone with a desire to always improve in what they do on a daily basis.

Finally, I would like to say that Tom is a great guy, a true professional and a great ambassador for Robert Oulsnam and Company. In a world where nobody cares about providing service, nobody wants to help and everybody is out to cut corners, it makes a refreshing change to do business with Tom.

It is worth a mention that this was my first interaction with Tom, and it was definitely a good one.  Thank you.  Mr BC.”

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