Keeping warm when working from home

Staying warm while working from home is essential for comfort and productivity, especially during colder seasons. Here are some tips to help you keep warm:

Layer Your Clothing:

Wear layers so you can adjust your clothing based on your comfort. This allows you to regulate your body temperature more effectively.

Use a Space Heater:

Consider using a small space heater to warm up your immediate workspace. Make sure it’s safe and positioned away from flammable materials.

Warm Beverages:

Drink hot beverages throughout the day, such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate or hot water with lemon. It not only warms you up but also helps you stay hydrated.

Electric Blanket or Heated Chair Pad:

Invest in an electric blanket or heated chair pad to keep warm while sitting at your desk. Make sure to follow safety guidelines for these devices.

Insulate Windows and Doors:

Use draft stoppers to block drafts under doors and consider insulating windows with thermal curtains or window film.

Warm Lighting:

Use warm-coloured lighting to create a cozy atmosphere. Yellow or warm white LED bulbs can add a touch of warmth to your workspace.

Move Around:

Incorporate movement into your routine to increase blood circulation. Take short breaks to stretch, walk around, or do a quick workout to generate body heat.

Fleece or Snuggie:

Keep a cozy fleece blanket or a wearable blanket (like a Snuggie) nearby to drape over yourself when you feel chilly.

Warm Slippers or Socks:

Keep your feet warm with insulated slippers or socks. Cold feet can make you feel colder overall, so make sure to keep them covered.

Optimize Heating System:

If you control the thermostat, ensure your heating system is working efficiently. Schedule regular maintenance to keep it in good condition.

Desk Heater or Heat Mat:

Consider using a small desk heater or a heated floor mat to warm the area where you spend most of your time working.

Remember to strike a balance; it’s important to stay warm, but also be mindful of energy consumption and safety.


Keeping warm while when working from home
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