Help our Bromsgrove postman

Our very own Ben Palfrey from the Hagley Road office will be running the Birmingham half marathon and doing a Swimathon to help raise funds for Arron Parr and his family.

Arron was diagnosed with throat cancer in November 23, unfortunately it progressed so quickly it meant he couldn’t have chemo and radiotherapy as planned and has recently just had a Laryngectomy operation (the removal of his voice box and vocal cords). He has had a hole made in his throat called a Stoma which is now what he breathes through.

Arron, a Bromsgrove postman, has a wife and four children, so money is being raised to help the family through such a tough time and to take some pressure off.

Birmingham Great Run (Half Marathon) 5th May

Swimathon 5k 28th April  –

If you would like to donate have a look at the GoFundMe page:-

Run for Az Parr

Help our Bromsgrove postman
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