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Woman reveals how she managed to save up for her first home by the age of 23

Woman reveals how she managed to save up for her first home by the age of 23

23 year old Jade Vanriel manages to buy her first home, without the help of her parents, family or friends! As a vlogger from Essex, Jade claims to have always been a determined saver, even since the age of 16. From putting only a little away to sacrificing nights out, clothes shopping and even going out for dinner, she made sure she hit her personal goal of buying her own flat on her own within her early twenties. 

She reveals that her secret is having seperate accounts and "oversaving". Within revealing these secret tips, Jade claims that "stripping the emotional out of it is crucial", especially as she announces that "in total, I was saving for 7 years- no holidays and no luxurious treats aside from paying the basics!"

Jade said that it wasn't until she started university that she realised getting herself on the property ladder was what she wanted to make a reality, as she said that "I really saw buying a property a goal I wanted to achieve".

"Jade managed to save up £30,000 for a deposit - equivalent to a 20% deposit for the home she wanted" even though this resulted into Jade admitting she "essentially had no life for the years following university" and her "friends can certainly vouch for that". 

As there are reports that "31% of Brits will only be able to afford a home if they have a partner to help them." Which can link to research founded by "Skipton building society" that found that "the average Brit thinks they are 5 years away from owning a home while 10% do not think they will ever get there".

Jade may be included in the 18% that think they can singlehandedly get up the property ladder alone, but admits that it wasn't easy. 

She reveals that "First-time buyers need to view savings as giving to your "future self...saving for nothing is hard, but having a goal will always help focus yourself"

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