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Will the housing market change after the election?

Will the housing market change after the election?

With pre-election manifesto’s luring in the voters with promises of more spending on health, education, lower taxes and a clear and stable path through Brexit, what can we expect to see from each party in relation to housing?

The Budget, earlier this year left many underwhelmed in this respect and although the Midlands is still seeing house price growth and has remained largely unaffected by the usual pre-election slowdown, buyers and sellers are keen to understand what changes may come into effect once the results are in.

Each of the party manifestoes include policies relating to housing, with most promising to build more new housing to ease the shortages currently faced by buyers. The key points from each of the three main parties are outlined below;

The Conservative Manifesto

The Labour Manifesto

The Liberal Democrats Manifesto

The messages from all the parties is clear, that more provision needs to be made for new housing to be built and that for most, some reform to social housing and the rental market will need to be made.

With no changes to taxation or stamp duty to come into effect and most of the major parties in agreement to push forward with Brexit, the housing market which typically stagnates around election time might see some further movement as nervous sellers and buyers are encouraged by the broadly similar pledges from each party in relation to housing and all promising to focus on a stable Britain in the wake of Brexit.

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