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What has prompted the general election and will this change the way Brexit plays out?

What has prompted the general election and will this change the way Brexit plays out?

It has become apparent that the powers-that-be in Europe may not be as helpful in assisting the UK with the soft Brexit for which many had hoped. The recent relocation announcement from several high-profile banking institutions suggests that while the UK is seeking a continued free market agreement, some in Europe are busy making plans ahead of a more hard-line departure by the UK.


Theresa May has surprised many by announcing that a general election will take place this June. Recent polls suggest that the Conservatives are 21 points ahead of Labour and it may be this surge of support that Theresa May wishes to capitalise on to increase the House majority. As negotiations with Brussels continue a Conservative win would provide the party with a stronger mandate for Brexit and the election would ensure the country has a final opportunity to decide on a second referendum. A Conservative win would ensure that Brexit plans move forward with Theresa May aiming to see a smooth, staggered removal from the EU. As she battles with a hard-line Brexit contingent within the party, an increase in the majority may be watered down giving her greater party support for this softer retraction from Europe.


The market’s response surprised some, with a boost to the pound seeing it at its highest level in four months. This suggested confidence in a future Conservative government. Philip Hammond stated that there will be a new budget after the election, which we anticipate will focus on putting the country in the strongest financial position to support negotiations and lay the footings for the country post-Brexit.


After what many felt was a lacklustre budget, will Mr. Hammond take the opportunity to ensure the UK property market is safeguarded and, going forward, put measures in place to stimulate growth?


Speaking in response to the recent announcement Andrew Oulsnam of Robert Oulsnam and Company Estate Agents said:

“Following the referendum the housing market hesitated very slightly, but having taken stock it surged ever since in the West Midlands with prices rising steadily over the last six months and strong demand for all types of property and there is every indication this is going to continue. The public seem very sure the country is heading in the right direction and are confident in the future.”

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