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Top five ways to find the perfect home

Top five ways to find the perfect home

Finding the perfect home can be difficult. Often we have unrealistic visions of the type of home we would like to have compared with the budget we might have. However, buying a home is the most expensive purchase that most of us will ever make in our lives so we want to ensure that we find the most perfect home for us in terms of budget, space and area. We have put together our top five ways to find the perfect home to help home buyers find the right home for them. Whether it's a home for the future or something more short term, these tips can help you find the home for you.

1. Budget - Be realistic with your budget. Don't overstretch yourself by going for something just outside your budget as that small extra amount can make all the difference. Only look at homes within your budget. Find a home that is easily achievable within your budget that allows you to have money to save for home improvements.
2. Buy a home - Make sure you are searching for a home and not an investment. If is a property investment you have in mind then you'll never find the perfect home. Keep in mind that you want something that you could potentially live in comfortably for the next 30 years. As nice as some homes may be, if you can't see yourself living there then it's not the home for you.
3. Register with an estate agent - An estate agent can help you to find the right home for you. They have access to hundreds of properties and will do their best to source you the best home. Many estate agents will even search for your ideal home. If there is a specific area you would like to live in then alert the local estate agents and they often post leaflets in that area alerting people potentially wanting to sell that there are buyers out there.
4. Potential - When looking at homes it is important not to be put off by other people's decor and furniture. Try to see passed the decor to the properties true potential. Try and envisage the house with your decor and furniture in it and see if you can imagine what it would look like.
5. Location - Location is important when buying a home. Don't just view the property once, make sure you view the property at different times of the day. Take a walk around street and surrounding areas to get an impression of what the area is like. Don't base your judgments on what others may tell you, go and see an area for yourself. Speak to the neighbours and find out what they are like as there's nothing worse than having the neighbours from hell even if it is the perfect home.


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