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Thinking about Moving – But What about the Kids?

Thinking about Moving – But What about the Kids?

When we have children on the way many of us begin thinking about the ideal property in which to bring up the family and settle down long-term. But it’s not nearly as simple as just finding that dream house in the country or suburbs. Every move has big financial and other implications for the quality of our lives that may only become clear over time.


So a bit of extra planning and research is vital before you jump into purchasing a new home. Factors like local schools, council taxes, stamp duty, nearby amenities, and ongoing travel costs should all be considered before you commit to anything. They will make a major difference to whether the house you choose is the right one for you as much as the property itself.


Bear in mind, for a start, the costs associated with making a move. You’ll be hit with surveyor costs and be sure to check whether there will different council tax rates to pay in the new house. Don’t just presume that these outgoings will remain the same as your current home. And also remember that if the new house is valued at over £125,000 there will be stamp duty to be paid before the deal can through and all the documents processed.


Then there’s the question of whether the new house and the area to which you’ll be moving will be any good for your children. Make sure you check on the performance of the local schools and the respective catchment areas. And try and find out just how hard it will be to get your kids into the school that you prefer. Would it be worth it to stay put if that means they’ll get places at better schools? Or are there good public transport connections to take them to other nearby schools?


Local amenities like leisure facilities, sports clubs and gyms should be something else to check up on. A range of things for your kids to be doing as they grow up is always important. If your children are very young and you’ll be moving some distance from their grandparents it’s also worth investigating the childcare options nearby and whether nurseries are available.


If the new house is further from work than your current home then you’ll also have to factor in our travel costs. Over time petrol costs will mount up and start to hit you in the wallet. You might consider the train and long-term season tickets than can provide a saving or think about the possibility of working from home. Ask your employers if that would be allowed on certain days and see if your colleagues work from a home-office every so often.


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