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The Dos and Don’ts of selling your property.

The Dos and Don’ts of selling your property.

1)      Start outside and work your way in. The first impression that your potential buyers will have of your property is likely the view from the outside. Take the time to increase your curb appeal by tidying the garden, clearing weeds and dead plants and giving your front door and window frames a fresh coat of paint or clean. Don’t forget that may buyers may come past your property ahead of arranging a viewing to get a feel for the location and neighbouring properties, so as soon as it goes on the market, make sure your property is ready.


2)      Deep clean. Don’t underestimate just how off putting it may be to potential buyers if they walk into a property that isn’t spotlessly clean. Make sure there is no surface dust, floors are clean and vacuumed and the windows are gleaming. If there are any odours in the property, deal with them before accepting viewings. Make sure the beds are made and curtains are opened to let in the light.


3)      Less is more. While it may be unrealistic for most people to live in a house that is completely devoid of clutter, while you are selling your property try to keep clutter to an absolute minimum. Clear kitchen worktops of unused appliances as well as paperwork. Make sure shoes and clothes are put away. Limit the number of bathroom products that are out and if you have children make sure toys are tidied away.


4)      Make the most of your floorspace. If you have lots of furniture in each room, or a large piece of furniture that fits awkwardly into a particular space, consider removing it or re-arranging to make the room flow better and open up the space. Buyers will want to understand the layout so they can imagine themselves living there. If a large oversized sofa makes it difficult to navigate a room this will be off putting so consider temporarily storing elsewhere.


5)      Choose a neutral pallet. You want your property to appeal to a wide audience and while you may love the dark purple wall with contrasting orange curtains, bright paint or bold wallpaper can be off putting to buyers who may not share your tastes. By removing as many personal items from your home as possible and re-paining in neutral colours you will be showing off the property itself and not your design flair.


6)      Don't take it personally. Everyone has different needs and if your property in not quite the right fit, don’t take it to heart.


7)      Don't undertake major renovations. Once you have decided to sell it may be more beneficial to reduce the asking price slightly to reflect the work than needs doing, rather than undertake expensive renovations that you are unlikely to recoup the cost of.


8)      Don't buy in new furniture. Re-arranging and removing excess furniture as well as adding inexpensive neutral throws to tone down bold patterns on furniture is acceptable. Buying new furniture, especially pieces that may not be appropriate for you next property, is likely to be costly and unnecessary.

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