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Mortgage holders and the Bank of England base rate cut, what it means.

Mortgage holders and the Bank of England base rate cut, what it means.

Over the last seven years, official interest rates have been held at 0.5%. If you are looking for a new deal, find out what this will mean for you.

What will happen to my mortgage rate?

Home owners with mortgage products that track the Bank of England base rate, will hopefully notice that their payments will reduce from September. Some tracker mortgage borrowers however may not benefit, as some base rate linked products have a limit on the rate, this could mean that they will not go any lower.

Next steps?

Wanting to save money? You may be able to switch to a cheaper mortgage product even if you are halfway through a fixed-rate deal. Some banks and building societies are battling it out to attract new customers offering even more competitive deals. According to a financial analyst, the average 2 year fixed rate mortgage deal is now 2.47%, down from 2.71% 12 months ago.

What about penalties and fees?

Even paying off an early repayment penalty and the new deal fees, it is still possible for some borrowers to save some money. Dependent on your current interest rate you may be able to save money or possibly break even.

The majority of fixed rate deals have an early repayment charge. This is commonly charged as a percentage of the outstanding loan amount, this being around 3%. Not forgetting the costs of your new mortgage deal, for example, the arrangement fee and any solicitor’s fees.


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