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Having the blues with your home

Having the blues with your home

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been caught out with that lame old joke, ‘What colour bricks are red houses made from, (red bricks just in case you are feeling rather slow this morning), what colour are blue houses made from, what colour are green houses made from (see what I'm doing here?) - well, now new research has revealed that it is actually the blue house you should be watching, not the green, as people living in blue houses are the most successful of us all...

A poll of more than 3,000 homeowners found that those coming home to a blue house each night were the most successful. Certainly not feeling the blues in this survey then.

The average professional living in a blue painted house earns an impressive £38,000 a year and drives an Audi TT to work, where they have worked up to Director level or manager.

Most are lawyers, followed by doctors, nurses and teachers.

Mr and Ms Blue take 27 days annual leave a year and treats themselves to at least two holidays abroad to exotic locations such as Barbados or the Maldives.

A third of blue folk are proud to say they are at the top of their game, whilst the remainder are keen to work their way up the career ladder.

It's not only work that the blue lot excel at - they are winners on a personal level too.

The average blue homeowner is in a long term relationship, has two children and four really close friends.
Sandtex, the masonry paint brand, who conducted the study, said, "It is incredible to think that the colour of your house could have any bearing on how successful you are in your career or at home.

"This poll certainly demonstrates that people decorate their houses differently depending on how they are doing in their professional and personal life."

And, just to top it all off, blue families can feel very smug - those living in green houses are the worst off - earning just £13,100 annually and 63% admit that they are ‘nowhere near the top of their game' at work.

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