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Getting a Property Ready for Prospective Buyers

Getting a Property Ready for Prospective Buyers

Most estate and lettings agents know the sinking feeling when you arrive at a flat or house ready to show round potential buyers or tenants only to discover items cluttered all over the floor and personal belongings not stored away neatly. It’s a fundamental law of selling a property that a well-ordered, tidy, looked-after home will be much more attractive to prospective buyers or tenants than a cluttered one.

When things are kept tidy and clutter is stored away then the space on offer is presented much more effectively. It makes clear to the buyer the potential of the property, allowing them to start to formulate plans and ideas of how they would use the floor-space. Mess and general detritus simply puts people off and reduces the chance of a sale or a contract being signed.

Demand in the private rented sector is as high as it has ever been and is set to continue to grow in the coming years. This has meant that many people are forced to take the best property that they can afford, rather than the property that is best suited to the amount of belongings they possess and will need to store.

One effective solution to the problem of clutter for both estate agents and tenants is on-demand storage. For estate or letting agents who come across properties packed with junk and not enough cupboard space to get in neatly tucked away, it’s almost certainly worthwhile letting the tenant or homeowner know about on-demand storage. And for the homeowner, landlord or tenant it’s an easy way to maximise the chances of a sale or new contract being made.

On-demand storage is delivered direct to the property. There’s then a two-week period in which all the mess and clutter can be packed up and stored away in the boxes before the storage company will come and take it away to a secure location. There it’s held until the sale or new contract has been arranged and there are no more viewings. Once the sale is made the storage company will bring the boxes back to the property for the convenience of the owners.

One of the leading companies offering on-demand storage is Boxman. They provide large, sturdy, waterproof and stackable boxes for the storage of items and pick up and deliver them direct. The warehouses in which the boxes are stored have secure data management systems in place, giving much greater safety and security than conventional self-storage units.

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