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Checklist for new Home Owners

Checklist for new Home Owners Moving into a new property can be a stressful time. There are a multitude of things to be done once you have the keys and have made the move, but following a few pointers can help you stay on top of things and keep things manageable. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Inform correspondents of change of address. It seems obvious but do remember to let people know of your new address. Not only do friends and family need to be told but official bodies such as banks, building societies, employers, the DVLA, credit card companies, and any mail-order companies you have used who will send catalogues. Also inform any magazines or publications that you subscribe to and receive through the post. The new residents of your old home will not thank you if they have to forward your bills. 2. Draw up a new budget. Mortgage payments will now become an important financial burden. You will need to keep to your agreed deal and pay on time and the amount agreed. Budgeting will keep you on top of things. Also factor in fixed costs such as council tax, and be sure to shop around for utilities rather than relying on the companies you have inherited from previous residents. Over the early months of occupancy be sure to monitor costs and block draughts when you can to keep heating costs down. 3. Meet the neighbours. Getting to know the neighbours costs nothing and may come in handy when least expected. Matters such as parking disputes and late-night noise are easy to handle when you know those living around you. Getting to know new people will also settle you into the new area. You may find other recent movers who can advise on utility suppliers, or people in similar circumstances who can help with local schools and transport. When you find you suddenly need electrical tape or some plumbing knowledge late at night your neighbours may be willing to help. 4. Buy essential items. If you are a first-time buyer then make sure to stock up on essential items for the home. Tools such as screwdrivers, spanners, and hammers will last a lifetime and come in handy when least expected. Similarly, items such as dusters, polish, and a vacuum cleaner are essential. Having stocks of washing powder, soap, shampoo, first-aid things, and basic foodstuffs like soup can help to make things feel more homely. You do not want to have to drive over to parents’ houses or friends as you find yourself needing basic items. 5. Personalise your new home. Make sure all who need a spare key are given one, and make your new house into a home. Move old items of furniture or old photos in to make things more familiar. You may wish to change the wallpaper, dig out the garden, or just bring your old quilt with you. Whatever makes you feel more settled and comfortable is useful.

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