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Are You Looking to Sell Your Home?

Are You Looking to Sell Your Home?

If you’re looking to sell your home, here are our 5 top tips to get you going.  

  1. Resolve Any Maintenance Issues 

If you have a leaky tap or a squeaky floor board, now is the time to get these little problems resolved.  Your buyers will be viewing several properties and comparing notes so you need to ensure your property sits on the top of their list.  If necessary, give the house a fresh lick of paint too.  

  1. De-Smell and Declutter Your Property 

Properties do tend to smell according to their owner’s habits.  There could be lingering cooking smells, pet smells, or if you smoke in the house, then the obvious smell of tobacco. 

You may not be able to distinguish any smell yourself as it’s your house and you will be immune to it.  In this case, it’s probably worth asking a family member or friend to have a sniff around your house for you! 

Give your property a good clean.  Sugar soap normally works quite well.  Wipe down your walls and windows, and wash your carpets and curtains.  If your carpets are especially bad, you may need to change them.  Soft furnishings retain smell so you may need to wash your sofas and settees too. Steam cleaners are great for removing dirt and smell from furniture. 

If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, you may want to hire some professional cleaners. 

You will also need to depersonalise your house.  If you’re a big Iron Maiden fan, it may be wise to remove any posters from your walls.  If you have a hobby that has overtaken parts of your house, you should consider putting your memorabilia into storage. 

People like light and airy properties and this is what you should showcase your home as. 

  1. Do Your Garden 

Unless you’re an avid gardener, it’s very easy for your garden to slip away and become overgrown especially in the summer months.  Your front garden is often the first thing a prospective buyer will see so you need to spruce it up ready for your buyers to adore.  The same applies to your back garden and any other outside space. 

If gardening is not your forte, then get yourself a professional gardener.  

  1. Stage Your Home 

By staging your home appropriately, you are more likely to achieve a quick sale.  You need to ensure each of your rooms has a purpose.  For example, the dining room should not be a laundry dumping ground!  Hang mirrors to make your rooms look larger.  In the winter, lighting a fire will give your property that cosy outlook and is always appealing for viewers.  

  1. Choose the Right Estate Agent 

Online Estate Agents may seem attractive at first due to their seemingly lower fees.  However, at second glance, they may not provide you with the best deal overall.  Local bricks and mortar estate agents tend to be closer to the market.  They live and breathe the local area and know it like the back of their hands. 

A local estate agent will get you the best price for your property and accompany viewings to ensure that vetted buyers with ready funds are lined up to make the best offers on your property. 

You should allow your estate agent to show prospective buyers around the house at their own pace, but be available to answer any questions. 

Robert Oulsnam & Company has 12 offices in Birmingham and North Worcestershire.  Our offices are local to you meaning that we can offer the best service possible ensuring that your home achieves a great price and is sold quickly and efficiently. 

If you’re looking to sell your home, please contact Robert Oulsnam & Company and we’ll send you our best local agent to provide you with an exemplary service that no other agent can provide. 

We look forward to selling your property for you.

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