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5 Things that put a potential buyer off

5 Things that put a potential buyer off

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to their own home but when you are trying to sell a home you have to be ready to accept criticism regarding your home. If you want to sell your home as fast as you can and for as much as you can then you need to be aware of what may put potential buyers off. There will be things that you can remedy to enhance the chances of someone buying your home but you will never be able to please everyone no matter how hard you try. Take a look through the five most common things that put a potential home buyer off.

1. An unclean home - A potential buyer should be able to see through dirt and grime but unfortunately most don't. When it comes to selling your home you have to go that extra mile when it comes to cleaning. Every surface needs to be shiny and clean and the house needs to look and smell like a show home.

2. Bad Taste in decor - Whilst you might personally like bright colours or patterned wall paper, it is not to everyone's taste. Whilst many do see passed the decor when it comes to home buying, if it is something that is really bright and in your face then it is more than likely going to put buyers off, especially if it is runs throughout the entire house. Try to go with neutral colours and wallpaper as these can often brighten rooms and entice buyers.

3. Oversized furniture - If you already have relatively small rooms then having oversized furniture will only make them appear even smaller. When selling your home you want to maximise every room. Why not put your larger and bulkier furniture into storage and buy something relatively cheap and smaller so that you can show buyers a far greater space. Large sofas and king sized beds can often make buyers question the size of a property so you need to open spaces up wherever you can.

4. Pets - Most of us have a pet of some kind these days. However, you never know if the person you are showing round is a pet lover. Try to ensure that you can remove your pet from the home when showing people around. Remove feeding bowls, beds, and toys and try to ensure the house doesn't smell like pets. Believe it or not some buyers are put off by the thought of a dog or cat, especially if they have allergies.

5. Bathrooms & kitchens - Most people are quite funny about bathrooms and kitchens for cleanliness and cost reasons. Try and ensure that even if your bathroom suite or kitchen is old that it looks clean and fresh. Make sure the grout in between tiles is clean so that it gives the buyer the impression that a replacement is not needed. For kitchens, if the units are okay but the cupboards are outdated or damaged then simply replace the doors to give a more modern feel.

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