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Worcestershire County Council has launched a consultation on the future of libraries across the region.  Residents are encouraged to have their say on library changes until the initial consultation closes on 2ndFebruary 2019.  

With the increase of online resources replacing the traditional services that libraries offer it is easy to forget the less obvious benefits to local libraries.  You can access a lot of social activities at libraries such as reading groups and job clubs which is a service to help unemployed people on the path to finding work.

Droitwich library has a free “Knit and Natter” every fortnight as well as a bi-monthly social club for adults.  You can attend a weekly “Bounce and Rhyme” group for families as well as story time sessions every Monday.

Accessing literature through a Kindle (other e-book reading devices are available) might be a simple one-click solution, but it certainly isn’t as sociable.

Commercial Bookworms

Most library activities are free to join in, which means that the council is seeking input on ways to generate revenue to keep these services available.  This is particularly important in light of the fact that the county’s library service is required to cut £800,000 from the budget. No library is considered “safe”!

Having easy access to the library in Droitwich, but also libraries across the county is really important.  Not only are these places to go to get involved in social events, they can act as a hub for community which makes towns like Droitwich even more desirable to live in.

Do you have any ideas on local businesses who could hire out spaces in Droitwich library? Are there any other revenue generating ideas you could put forward on this consultation?  Click the link!