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written by naomi baron

How You Could Sell Your Property Quicker with Open House Viewings


When you are selling your property, there are a few options when it comes to viewings.  You could opt to do them yourself, which in our experience can be a bit of a stressful thing to keep on top of, and work around your time schedule.  Or, you can opt to let your expert estate agent take care of it for you.  They might do one to one viewings, or they might organise an open viewing on your property.

What is an Open Viewing?

An open viewing is when a seller allows a set number of hours (usually 1-2) on a particular day where their house is open for viewings.  There are no set appointment times, and viewers can drop in between those allocated times to look around your property. It usually works best on a weekend or evening around viewers working commitments which often suits the seller too.

The Benefits of Open Viewings

Opting for a different viewing process to the more conventional one on one viewings doesn’t need to worry you! 

  • Open viewings can be as structured or as flexible as the seller or agent wishes. In some cases, viewers can be given a 10-15-minute window within the open viewing time when it’s just them viewing.
  • Security is much the same as when an estate agent conducts a one to one viewing – they will go around the house overseeing the viewers and answering questions they may have about the property.
  • It’s a known fact that when viewers go around together there is increased pressure and competition.  This usually results in a much quicker sale and potentially a higher offer being put forwards.

Get More Viewers around your Home for Sale

There is a higher level of fairness within open viewings too. With traditional viewings sometimes prospective buyers’ can miss out due to work commitments and or holidays. If you organise an open house viewing, it’s usually at a time most likely to suit everyone.  Because they are usually arranged 1 to 2 weeks in advance, keen viewers can alter their plans to make sure they are able to attend. They are also much more likely to be able to get answers to questions easier as the agent or seller can answer them collectively all at once making it easier for everybody.

In summary, open house viewings when planned well taking into account the sellers’ objectives can result in a much more stress-free house sale which can achieve a quicker sale and high price in a potential bargain war. Buyers will often also prefer this method of viewing too because it’s fairer, they get longer to look around and can get questions answered quickly.


If you are interested in offering an open house viewing or discussing your home sale requirements then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact your local Oulsnam branch here.