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Have you ever used property sites to snoop on how much someone has paid for their home?
In a study by Zoopla, six out of ten Brits admitted to checking out how much someone has paid for their home, with the most popular people to snoop on being neighbours, friends and family.
Who are Brits most likely to snoop on?
- Neighbour 36%
- Friend 34%
- Family member 29%
- Someone they sold a house to 16%
- Colleague 11%
- Partner 8%
- Someone they dislike 6%
- In-laws 3%
- Ex-partner 3%
But, why are we so nosy about house prices?
Reasons for researching property prices can include: wanting to discover a property’s interior value (18%), the nostalgia of a previous home (12%) and wanting to improve your own property (10%).
However, one of the main reasons to look up the value of another person’s property is to get a better idea of how much your own home is worth.
If you’re curious about the value of your home, there’s no need to guess.
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Source: Zoopla