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It’s that time of the year again for the company to vote for the new charity of the year for 2018.

This will be the 3rd year running we have a designated charity of the year following a fantastic couple of years of fundraising. In 2016 we raised £1900 for Alzheimer’s Society and in 2017 we raised over £2800 for both Macmillan and MPS Society.

Each staff member in the company votes every year for the charity they wish to raise money for. This is very often down to personal experience but sometimes it’s just something that people feel strongly about. It’s important it’s a charity staff feel strongly about their chosen charity to increase engagement with activities and the chosen charities.

The overwhelming winner this year is….(Drumroll)……..The British Heart Foundation (BHF). It’s shocking the amount of people who have had friends or family who been affected by heart disease in one way or another whether it be stroke, heart attacks, angina etc.

Our charity organiser, Laura Fiddes-Baron has now prepared a list of events and activities for the company to get involved in throughout the year- these include both events hosted by the BHF and ones organised internally by the company. This years events include:

  • A sky dive
  • The national 3 peaks extreme (via more technical climbing routes)
  • Promise auction
  • The Snowdon Triple (kayaking, biking and hiking)
  • A psychic night
  • A mud run
  • Cake bake sales

Plus, other small things throughout the year.

Our aim is smash last year’s fundraising amount of £2800 but also to raise awareness for this very worthy charity. It is also an excellent way of encouraging team work and team building within the company which helps us work better as a team professionally.

Keep an eye on our blog or facebook page to see our progress and results from each event.