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When is the right time to list your home for sale?  

When are people looking at listings on property portals?  

The decision to sell your house is one thing, knowing when the best time to sell it is, is another! Of course, sometimes the decision to pack up and move on will be determined by outside circumstances but, can you be strategic with your sale?

It’s no hidden fact that the housing market typically tends to slow down over the Christmas period. People have got other hefty expenditure to consider, and are often busy with other things to be able to take the time out to commence a property search in earnest.

Having said that, our Lettings team experienced a particularly busy end of 2018.  Additionally, some of our branches in the Birmingham suburbs saw house prices increase by up to 4.3% which means The Midlands remains a strong area of growth.

Looking back at 2018, Rightmove revealed that February 19th was its busiest day in terms of page views.  In fact, page views exceeded a whopping 40m!  In our romantic view of the word, we like to think that Valentine’s Day will have had something to do with this.  Maybe a sudden spike in marriage proposals will have spurred people into finding a new family home?

Will 2019 show a repeat performance of people looking at property in February?  

Well, until the year is up, we won’t know for certain.  What we do know is that history and experience tell us that prospective buyers are hitting the search button hard in the New Year.  This means that if you are planning on listing your property for sale, it would be a good idea for you to get in on the action now, in case February is the magic month.

In fact, if we want to be more specific about the right time to list your property for sale, we can delve a little further into the data that Rightmove released.  It suggests that you should ask your estate agent to launch your home for sale on a Tuesday!  Apparently, Tuesdays at 8pm was the busiest day of each week that people were searching for properties for sale on its platform.

Robert Oulsnam lists all its sales and lettings properties on the Rightmove portal.  So, whatever your reasons for selling your property, or looking for a new one (and we hope there was a bit of romance involved in the reason!) we know we’ll get our fair share of the page views.