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It’s estimated that one in six Brits have taken out a mortgage holiday since the start of lockdown – on average, suspending payments of £755 each per month.

Initially introduced back in March and then later extended, the break on mortgage payments has proven to be a valuable lifeline for many households during the last few months.

With the government’s furlough scheme ending in October, there’s a concern that the number of homeowners and tenants facing financial difficulty will increase further.

Across the country, one in nine are currently behind on their household bills, which includes essential items such as rent, water, energy, council tax and credit card repayments.

Although the mortgage holiday deadline is open until October 31st for new applicants, experts are expressing caution before taking this option and urging for alternative solutions – where possible.

Miles Robinson – at online mortgage broker, Trussle – warns that some borrowers may be unaware of the “true cost” of taking a break from monthly payments, which may result in huge increases overall and potential difficulties in the future applying for new loans.

“The banks were very under-resourced when they were handing them out and people were allowed to essentially self-certify whether they needed one or not.”

The Financial Conduct Authority has been advising firms to help mortgage customers by offering a range of support options, such as waiving or reducing payments, once we’ve reached the end of the official mortgage holiday on the 31st October.

If you need guidance on mortgage restructuring, as well as any long-term or short-term measures in place for COVID-19 support, we’d recommend contacting your lender directly.

You can also talk to us for more information.