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The latest data from Zoopla has revealed the most common search terms from tenants between July and September 2020, with the findings showing a shift in attitudes as more people look for places they consider to be 'pandemic proof'.
Last year saw large disruption to our daily lives following the introduction of new tier systems and multiple lockdowns, forcing people to spend more time indoors and re-evaluate their list of property non-negotiables.

Zoopla found that being able to have a garden was on the top of the list as the most desirable feature to have in a rental home.
Not only has this been popular across the lettings market, but a recent study also revealed that the price of homes with gardens has hit a four-year high.
Parking and a garage

In close second was enough garage space, with the main purposes being for parking over extended lockdown periods and for an additional room to convert into a home office or gym zone.

Balconies were another feature that ranked highly for tenants, specifically in London, where gardens are not always an option.

Rental properties that are pet-friendly ranked in fifth, as the word ‘pet’ was one of the most used keywords.
Whilst as few as 7% of landlords advertise their homes as being suitable for household pets, this could change in the near future, as a new agreement has been introduced that prohibits landlords from automatically banning pets.

Last year saw a 20% increase in demand compared to the year before, with a variety of factors contributing to this growth.
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