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Getting Stylish for Less

by naomi fiddes-baron


It’s January, the start of a new year, in fact it’s the start of a new decade.  Is this the year that you will moving into your next home?  Are you about to put your home on the market, and make the most of the positive sales market we’re seeing in January?  Well, whether you want to start the new year with a totally new pad, or you want to get yours listed for sale, the chances are you’ll also want to do a spot of revamping your living space.


If you’re thinking about updating your home, but you need to do it on a tight budget, this is the blog for you!  With a little bit of creativity, there’s a lot you can do to give your home a design boost that will put your own stamp on a new place, or set the scene for prospective buyers to fall in love with your home for sale.

Upcycle and Revamp

You don’t need to rush out to buy new things, sometimes the furniture you already own just needs a bit of a spruce up to turn it into a brand-new looking item.  

Consider changing the legs on a coffee for super modern industrial style ones to create a totally new style look. 

Putting old pictures into new frames is a cost-effective way to bring new life to existing images.  Rather than go to expensive framers, why not pick up the frames at a charity shop and repaint them?  It’s more eco-friendly, too!  Another top tip with photos and pictures is to change which walls they hang on; treat your walls like an art gallery and rotate your artwork on them!

Repaint the Walls

January is sale season, and this doesn’t stop at clothes stores.  Even the DIY shops have January sales, so make the most of this and get some new paint colours for your walls.  Our top tip here is to consider opting for lighter, softer colours to make your space look bigger and promote relaxation.


Less is More

It will cost you absolutely nothing to work with your existing room without adding anything.  You might be amazed how you can create an entirely different feeling space simply by moving a few pieces around.  Additionally, if you find that you’ve got too many ornaments or things that really have seen better days, do you really still want it there?  Rather than spend money, you could make some by selling those things on eBay, or kicking off your year with some positive karma by taking them to your local charity shop.


Mirror Mirror

It’s a classic tip, but using mirrors in your home can make a space look bigger, but also more stylish.  They don’t take up a lot of space and of course you can mount them on lots of different wall surfaces.  Our top tip for a mirror is to get a really bold one which will act as a focal point, and really do its job of creating a light, spacious feel in a room.  They’re also perfect for a room that doesn’t get much natural light.  The best thing about a mirror, is this is often an really inexpensive way to add serious style to your home.  Therefore, if you’re sticking to a tight redesign budget, we’d really recommend you consider this.

Light it Up

Getting the right lighting can make a huge difference to the mood of your home.  We’re not talking just the shades, sometimes toning down the brightness of your bulbs can positively change the atmosphere and ambience of a space.  Buying a new shade for your ceiling light, and getting table shades to match will give your room a cohesive style statement that is easily affordable and gives big impact.