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Top tips for a stress-free house move

Moving Home is a big deal. There’s an awful lot to think about and do.  It pays to be organised and channel your inner Monica Geller!  But, have you thought of everything?  We’ve put together our top 10 tips to think about when you’re about to move home.

  1. Don’t pack everything in together!  Make a list of items that might need special care and attention and, if possible, pack those separately.
  2. Get regular deliveries? Tell your milkman you’re on the move and remember to notify them of the date you want the deliveries to stop.
  3. Change your address on your shopping accounts.  It’s a simple one, but I’ve inadvertently sent Amazon packages to houses I don’t live in anymore!  This can be avoided by deleting old addresses on online shopping accounts.
  4. Pack up early.  You can start packing non-essential items early to give yourself a head start on moving out.  This is also a great opportunity to have a good old sort through and clear out!
  5. Got Mail?  You should organise for your mail to be forwarded.  The cost for this is dependent on the time period you opt for this service.  We’d recommend at least 2 months to be on the safe side.
  6. It’s worthwhile taking the time to back up your data on computers and notebooks.  Whilst we hope nothing does get broken or go missing in transit, it’s best to be on the safe side.  You will ensure you don’t lose any important information if you do this.
  7. Tell people you’ve moving! OK, so this might be an obvious one, but have you told everyone who might need to know that you’re going?  You can deal efficiently with this one by sending out e-cards.
  8. Tell the really important people you’re moving!  The bank might not accept an e-card as a valid instruction to change your bank cards. So, make sure you notify them direct.
  9. Change the address on your driving licence. Did you know the address on your driving licence needs to match your current place of address?  You could receive an on the stop fine if pulled over for any reason and it’s not up to date.
  10. Don’t forget to label your boxes!  If you want to put the kettle on when you’ve carried all the boxes in to your new pad, it’s helpful if you know where you put the kettle!  In fact, we recommend packing a separate box with the essentials you’re likely to need first like toilet roll and biscuits!