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As restrictions start to ease, almost a third of UK households are making plans to change their living arrangements, following their lockdown experiences.
According to a new national survey of around 2,000 households, 31% are planning to move house following repetitive lockdowns and remote-working experiences.
With only around 5% of households typically moving house each year, the increase is staggering.
Has lockdown got you feeling like you want a change of surroundings?
The following were the top three reasons people felt as important to them when relocating home:
- 29% good standard of living
- 26% hybrid working environment
- 23% road networks and connectivity
Hybrid working options and lifestyle changes were the two obvious key elements driving the change in buyers' and sellers' behaviour.
However, the recent stamp duty holiday and desire to take advantage of significant property price increases in 2021 has also influenced decision making.
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