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Although the tier three restrictions are unlikely to spread the festive cheer this December, all is not lost. There are various different events and locations in Birmingham that are bound to help you feel Christmassy.


Birmingham Christmas Lights

Although usually many of us would gather to watch the exciting lights switch on, this year this was done with no crowd due to social distancing guidelines some weeks ago.  However, the lights are on every night for you to enjoy, even with the tier three restrictions.

Similarly, the council have received additional funding for the Christmas decorations and lights this year from local business group Retail BID Birmingham. This has meant that this years efforts are bigger and better than ever – perfect to raise everyone’s spirit. A spokesperson for BID said: "Everyone felt it was right to put the lights on to brighten up the streets in the absence this year of the German Market.

Having a walk around to look at the Christmas lights and decorations is the perfect festive activity for your entire household. Getting out of the house and exercising is also great for your mental health during these uncertain times. Similarly, it will be easy to social distance with others also viewing the lights outdoors.



Outdoor Cinema

Between the 27th and 30th December, there was set to be a socially distanced outdoor cinema and other fun and safe activities. Due to the tier system, it’s unclear as to whether the event will still be allowed to continue but is definitely worth researching into if you’re a lover of all things festive.

 The location for the event is Edgbaston Stadium, and films such as Home Alone and other festive favourites are said to be on the line-up. If you’re not in the festive sprit, The Greatest Showman and Mamma Mia will also be played.

Replicating the retro style drive in cinema tradition, big screens will display the films while the sound will be broadcast straight to your car. This is a great day out for all of the household while remaining socially distanced and safe this Christmas.


Selfridges Santa Event

With the great news that non-essential shops will be allowed to open within tier three restrictions, the planned Selfridges Santa event is set to continue as normal.

While doing your Christmas shopping in the store this December, you will have the opportunity to add a personal touch, with their range of customised products. These exclusive products and packaging include custom champagne gift boxes, engraved lipstick tubes and lots more. These are the perfect gift for someone who loves the personal touch.

Theses has also been rumours of in-store entertainment being present between the 5th and 24th December.


However you decide to spend your Christmas this year, here at Oulsnam we hope you have a great one. Stay safe!