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There are many benefits of decluttering,

Helen Sanderson the author of ‘The Secret Life Of Clutter’. Explains how clutter can affect different people.

‘There are those than need visual calm and order, living in a cluttered space can take its toll on their health as they can never really relax or recharge.’ By keeping on top of cluttered spaces in your home, you are allowing yourself to focus on other things.

When you look at your home, it can feel very overwhelming to think of what needs to be done and to declutter an entire room or home at once can almost be too much, Lisa Staff who is a professional organiser of 19 years suggest that decluttering needs to be done regular, rather than all at once.

Lisa states, ‘When you are walking past something and think, I really do not like that, or it doesn’t look great there, move it!’

If you do what Lisa suggests this will mean that you are adapting a habit, rather than snap decisions… Meaning clutter will not accumulate as you will automatically move something if you do not want it in your home.

Decluttering has become very popular over the past few years, with TV shows, inspiring people to declutter their homes and more recently home organisers, where there are many shows and videos online that show you how to organise your home.

The true professional Marie Kondo introduced to the world with her book ‘The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying up.’ This was made a real hit by the Netflix show, which focuses on moving through your home by category rather than by room. The five categories are, Clothes, Books, Papers, Miscellaneous items and sentimental items. The main focus with Marie Kondos approach is to remove items that no longer have value to you.

Why don’t you give it ago, maybe start with that junk draw and see how that makes you feel, to then motivate you to start with other items in your home.

Giving to charity is also a great reason to start with the decluttering process, find a charity that is easy for you to donate to on a regular basis to keep on top of decluttering in your home.