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This year has been tough for businesses nationwide, but the hospitality industry appears the most impacted after the second lockdown means businesses have had to close once again. Sadly, it appears from recent studies that Birmingham’s hospitality industry specifically is one of the hardest hit, with lots of businesses unsure of what the future will hold.

Stirchley car park based OPM (Original Patty Man) returned to selling their delicious food out of a food truck this summer in order to survive the pandemic. However, the business has now moved into a nearby pub, British Oak, which is said to be a permanent fixture.

OPM owners Scott O’Byrne and Tom Maher says: "I'm confident that there is enough ingenuity in our industry for businesses to get by and survive.  If we make the most of the supportive independent community, we have in Brum.”

However, it’s not just OPM that is getting inventive to keep afloat in the age of Covid, as Tiger Bites Pig, a modern Japanese food company have teamed up with the local Stirchley Cork and Cage bar for their new Tierra Tacos.

This venture started in the first lockdown in March, when the co-owner of Tiger Bites Pig, Neil McGougan began selling on Deliveroo. Neil says “Part of the reason we decided to cook at Cork and Cage and Caneat in Stirchley - was because the radius from Stirchley enabled us to hit more residential areas for delivery and Tierra Tacos proved really popular with Cork and Cage customers.”

With lots of restaurants now closed once again in Stirchley, now is a great time to show support for your local food trade and explore social media to see the takeaway option near you. Similarly, if you yourself are a local Stirchley business and can help out with other local businesses, now is the perfect time.