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With pint glasses flying across the room as well as phantom black cats, the alcohol isn’t the only spirit around these local pubs. With the nights getting darker, and Halloween on the way, now is the perfect time to visit these spooky spots, if you dare…


1.       Ye Olde Talbot

Ye Old Talbot, before being turned into the pub it is today, was originally a coaching Inn from the 13th century. This pub is said to have a very haunted history, with a lady in old fashioned clothing being continually spotted disappearing in and out of the window of room 11 by visitors.

Another instance of strange goings on is that of a phantom black cat, also seen in the hotel. However, don’t pin your luck on seeing this one, as it hasn’t been spotted since it was refurbished back in 2004.

2.       Ye Olde Black Cross

Ye Olde Black Cross, located on Worcester Road in Bromsgrove, dates back to 1640 where the building used to be a holding pen for criminals sentenced to death.

The ghosts spotted in this location are said to be of the criminals. These figures wander around the pub, along with other ghosts such as small child, and a cavalier solider. Various other unexplained figures have been seen via CCTV.

This pub is also an inn, so if you’re brave enough, book in for the night for a spooky experience.

3.       The Mug House

The Mug House, located at Claines Lane in Worcester was once a church. The building dates back to the 15th century, and was built within a graveyard – already spooky. It’s no surprise, therefore, that there have been lots of strange occurrences reported in the pub’s extensive history.

A ghost, commonly known as ‘Bert’ has been reported to haunt the halls. Visitors have reported hearing him most in the upper parts of the pub. Bert is known to be mischievous, as customers have also reported seeing pint glasses swinging around like a pendulum, whereas the landlady reports glasses randomly smashing.


4.       The Cardinal’s Hat

The Cardinal’s Hat, located on Friar Street in is one of the oldest pubs in Worcester. Objects have reportedly been moved without explanation; items have also fallen from the walls despite being touched. Another more eery happening is faint conversations being heard, despite no one being around.

The first floor has been said to be especially mysterious, with a small blonde child seen running around, as well as the temperature rapidly changing from one extreme to the other. This is said to be related to a fire that broke out here in the Victorian era.


5.       The King’s Head.

Located in Sidbury, Worcester, The King’s Head is said to be another pub home to a mischievous spirit. Nick-named ‘Sid’ this ghost likes to tilt pictures, ring bells and turn off the beer barrels. Regulars at the pub report seeing Sid walk through walls, often wearing period clothing.

Now under new ownership, the new landlords report no major paranormal activity, but various items have been knocked off the bar without prompt, and doors have been closed despite being propped open.