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Local Mom, Jo Higgins with the help of her family have been working hard to help those in need in recent months, especially over the festive period. Jo aimed to fill as many gift bags with various items as possible within Bournville for anyone struggling or alone for the festive season and was extremely successful. Within the recipients there were people who have lost their job, the elderly, the homeless and anyone else who would have benefitted from a pick-me-up. Jo and her family made a huge impact on the community, to which everyone is extremely thankful.

This project is extremely close to Jo’s heart, who says “We have three disabled children all with autism and life has been a struggle for us. There has been Christmases when our children have gone without presents because we could not afford to buy them. To have received a present or a food parcel back then would have been amazing and instead of thinking about ‘what ifs’, we wanted to help families who are right now struggling like we did. I have personally experienced living in care and was homeless for a short time too, so I know how this feels.”

Along with the festive gift bags, Jo has also made thousands of brightly coloured face masks during the pandemic. Out of these, many have been donated to the Birmingham Children’s hospital. Jo has been making regular visits to the Children’s hospital in recent months after hearing that many of the patients were uncomfortable or scared of the PPE worn by NHS staff members.

From this, it’s clear that Jo and her family have made a huge impact in the Bournville area. Due to this we’re thrilled to hear that Jo has been awarded a Bournville Star award by community organisations Bournville Community Hub, Bournville Village Trust and St Francis Church for her extraordinary work during Covid.

If you would like to support Jo and her family with their charity work please visit  or you can make a donation to their paypal email address