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Checklist before you Pack up and Fly Away!

The Summer is almost upon us, which can mean only one thing – Summer holidays!  If you have been busy planning your summer holiday, the chances are you’ve thought about everything related to the travel, activities and accommodation side of things.

But, have you thought about the practicalities of leaving your house unattended for a long period?  Besides turning the TV off at the wall, we mean!

It’s a little bit of a bubble burster, but it is true that your house can be a little more vulnerable over this holiday period.  The good news is, there are lots of ways you can help to make your house secure when you go away.

Light it Up

You can buy relatively cheaply, timers that turn your lights on automatically after a certain time in the evening/morning.  Some of the models available even give the impression the TV is on.


There is a big debate on whether to keep the curtains open or shut when you leave the house.  We think that keeping them closed all the time makes it more obvious that you are away.  So, we recommend keeping them open, or at least partially open.   In an ideal world, perhaps you could ask a neighbour or a close family member or friend to pop in to open and close them for you, but of course this isn't always possible. 

Whatever the Weather

This isn’t linked completely to security, but it is a good idea for you to be mindful that a British Summer often means spells of bad weather!  So, make sure you put away garden furniture or anything lightweight in the garden that might fly away.  Also, if you have any dodgy fence panels or gates, make sure they are fixed before you go away or you may not be popular with your neighbours and your security could be compromised. 

Cancel or Postpone Deliveries

Do you have any regular food or drink deliveries such as weekly food, or the milk man?  Have you got a parcel scheduled to arrive when you’re away?  If these are left outside your door, it will be a clear signal to thieves that nobody is home.  Plus, your milk will go off….

Doors and Windows

It might seem obvious, but it is a good idea to check, check and then check again that all doors and windows are shut and locked before you leave the house.  If you don't have a house alarm then you can install very cost-effective window alarms that go off should a window be smashed; these could be a good idea for peace of mind. 

Remote Monitoring

It’s a good idea to get a home monitoring system.  This means that whilst you’re sipping your mojito on a tropical beach, you have the peace of mind knowing that you can check in on your property on your mobile phone.

Prevention Methods

Even if you’re more of a cat lover than a canine fan, it doesn't matter!  It can be a good deterrent to put a “dog” sticker on your front door or window.  This is beneficial for all times not just the 2-week summer holiday jaunt, as this advertisement acts as a super effective deterrent to would-be intruders.

Image by Steve Bidmead from Pixabay