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With the property market still as busy as ever, with lots of choice for potential buyers, the key to a successful sale is making your house stand out.


Here’s how you can add more space in your home to appeal to viewers this year.

Newly conducted research from self-storage experts, Space Station, shows that 46% of new build homes have utility rooms and additional storage space.


Following a year of remote working and home schooling, these features are more important than ever to buyers. 


If you’re thinking of selling your property in the near future, you should definitely be thinking about how to increase your property's storage capacity, as it has been reported to increase the overall property value.


The following suggestions can help you do just that…

Make the most of unused space

It's a common occurrence that we end up underutilising space in our homes, with zones or rooms that are rarely used.


When you start thinking about staging your home for a sale, consider how you can reposition or reframe certain areas to demonstrate your property's full value to viewers.



For example, an empty corner could be transformed using a built-in storage unit, which will not only add to the overall design but offers a practical use for an otherwise unused space.


Storage benches are another great addition, and work especially well under bay windows.


Create a utility area

Utility rooms are a staple feature at the moment – but these can often be expensive to fit professionally.


Instead, consider using space under the stairs and adding storage solutions such as shelves for a quick and affordable alternative.


This storage option gives you a great area to store cleaning and laundry supplies.


Vertical storage

When creating storage solutions, you might want to look at high shelving or cupboards, especially if you're trying to minimise how much floor space you're taking up.


For a quirky yet useful addition, put a bookcase above a window frame to introduce character to a room.


Outdoor space

Homebuyers often look for outdoor storage solutions in their property search, as this can be especially useful at this time of year to keep summer outdoor furniture safe, along with storing seasonal decorations or tools.


Sheds and garages offer a great starting point, but you can make the most of the space they have to offer with the addition of built-in shelving and hooks for gardening equipment and gadgets.

Revamp the pantry

A built-in pantry is an effective way to appeal to buyers.


However, these can often appear messy if not organised correctly. To avoid this, add extra shelves with labels, as well as door organisers.