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With the seasons about to change, September is the time to focus on those chores around your homes and prepare for the cooler months.


Here are our top September Chores:


Boiler service / repairs - this is the perfect time to look at your boiler and check your central heating, it may not have been on for some time? It is recommended to have your boiler serviced every year, so ensure you are keeping up with the maintenance of your boiler to make sure it’s safe. 


Inspect and clean fireplace and chimney - there are many chimney sweepers in the local areas who can assist you with maintaining your fireplace, ensure it’s safe and running efficiently. 


Cut and stack firewood - this is a job that can be done in September as the weather is still pleasant to be outside and you can stock up ahead to keep you going through the winter.


Start your garden clean up - Clear down all of the patio and areas that will not be used during the cooler months ahead, make sure you are still looking after your plants, some potted plants may need to move indoors during the winter. 


Fresh air - With the windows open less on the winter, it maybe worth investing in house plants to keep the air inside your homes fresh! 


Plan your next project - pick up some hone magazines or head to Pinterest, get inspired and start planning your next project, it could be a simple paint touch up, whatever it maybe it is exciting to get this planned. 


Keep the summer memories going - why not print some of your favourite photos this summer and display on albums or around your home!